From our Bylaws—Purpose:

1. Promote awareness and understanding of fiber arts to our members and general public

2. Provide a forum for networking and communication

3. Provide educational opportunities for our members


  1. Promote awareness by notifying members of festivals, classes and events for 2022

    • Emails to members and posts on private guild Facebook page.

    • Missouri fiber events listed on this website here.

2. Networking and communication

Facebook page- private group page for guild members; public page to advertise the annual fiber arts festival

Meetings monthly with announcements of upcoming fiber-related events, classes and workshops

Bios of members - spotlight bios of guild members are collected and shared thru email

3. Educational opportunities

  • From time to time, guild members may offer/sponsor a low-cost workshop for guild member featuring a special skill to share and learn

  • Occasionally, the guild will arrange for an outside speaker/teacher to conduct a workshop avaiable to guild members

  • From time to time, the guild may reimburse a member for a paid class which the member has completed. In those instances, the member is asked to make a short presentation at a guild meeting to share the key learning points from their experience. For members, the course reimbursement request form is shown below in the next section.

  • The guild sponsors a partial scholarship program aimed at a higher-education student who is focused on developing knowledge and skills in the fiber arts. See supporting page for further details.


class reimbursement form.pdf