From our Bylaws—Purpose:

1. Promote awareness and understanding of fiber arts to our members and general public

2. Provide a forum for networking and communication

3. Provide educational opportunities for our members


  1. Promote awareness by notifying members of festivals, classes and events for 2022

    • Emails to members and posts on private guild Facebook page.

    • Missouri fiber events listed on this website here.

2. Networking and communication

Facebook page- private group page for guild members; public page to advertise the annual fiber arts festival

Meetings monthly with announcements of upcoming fiber-related events, classes and workshops

Bios of members - spotlight bios of guild members are collected and shared thru email

3. Educational opportunities

  • From time to time, guild members may offer/sponsor a low-cost workshop for guild member featuring a special skill to share and learn

  • Occasionally, the guild will arrange for an outside speaker/teacher to conduct a workshop avaiable to guild members

  • From time to time, the guild may reimburse a member for a paid class which the member has completed.

  • The guild sponsors a partial scholarship program aimed at a higher-education student who is focused on developing knowledge and skills in the fiber arts. See supporting page for further details.


The educational fund for the Lake Area Fiber Artists Guild is made possible through the annual sale oThe educational fund for the Lake Area Fiber Artists Guild is made possible through the annual sale of raffle tickets and 20% of consignment sales from the Fiber Festival. This money is set aside for the sole purpose of promoting education for our members.

To apply for a scholarship:

  1. Complete an application and return it to a board member.

  2. Provide information about the fiber-related program that you are requesting the scholarship for.

  3. Receipts will need to be provided following the event

  4. Approval is based on available funds, appropriate content and a vote of the board members.

  5. You will be asked to share what you have learned by doing one of the following:

— give a program or workshop

— detailed show & tell and answer questions

— write up a review with photos for the guild Facebook group page